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Would you like to create another channel to connect with your customers and sell your products via conversational marketing? And those channels are the ones your customers already use every single day! Also answering their questions about the products while shopping will increase customer satisfaction.

Lead Generation

Instead of answering the chat channels all day long, let your agent get in contact with the customers who has indicated interest in your company's product or service. And arrange meetings, phone calls for your sales team. You just focus on your business, Botgate covers repetitive work for you.

Customer Support

Have an army of 300 agents working every day to solve repeating tickets? Let your conversational AI Bot cover the redundant tickets, you only devote your resources to the special cases. And you can stop the bot anytime and take over the conversation real time!

HR Process

Now is the time to utilise AI to work for your business. Let your AI Bot handle all the repetitive workflows; from employee onboarding to expense approvals, benefits enrollment and other work processes. No more using a different portal for every single issue. No more complex form filling or redundant work processes.


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The appropriate choice for beginners.

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