Automate your sales/marketing/support processes to make your employees spend less time on the jobs that your AI bot can easily cover. With Botgate AI, you can optimize your processes while saving more time.

Team Inbox

The Best Team Inbox to Scale
Team Inbok
Conversational Features

Live View

See someone on your pricing page that you’ve been talking to recently? Send them a message right away! Using Botgate AI, you can see who’s visiting your website in real-time so you can reach out instantly and say hello! Plus, you can even follow a lead and get a push notification every time they came back to your website.

Conversational Landing Page

With Conversational Landing Pages, you can start conversations just with one-click.
Conversational Features
Conversational Features

AI Bot Builder

Create your AI bot instanly without any coding!

Proactive Messages

See someone on your product page? Just offer them a small discount!
Conversational Features
Conversational Features

Rich Messages

Create human-like dialogs and increase customer interaction using Rich Messages.

Built-in Analytics

What to do with these conversations? On our advanced reporting tool, track the data that has been generated from your conversations.
Conversational Features