Automate your internal processes to make your employees spend more time on their work.With Botgate that process can feel like a real person, and your bot can use quick actions to save more time.

Team Inbox The Best Team Inbox for Marketing and Sales
Live View Botgate, you’ll be able to see who’s visiting your website in real-time so you can reach out instantly and say hello. See someone on your pricing page that you’ve been talking to recently? Send them a message in seconds right from Botgate. Plus, you can even follow a lead and get a push notification every time they come back to your website.
Conversational Landing Page You can offer your customers a Conversational Landing Page that they can access from anywhere, except your web page.
AI Bot Builder AI Bot Builder captures the contact information of AI-Bots when a visitor arrives on your website, collects and transmits all the information you need. It destroys the repetitive-work of the marketing and sales team and creates quality data.
Proactive You can send proactive messages to visitors on your web page. For example, you can send a proactive message to your customer on your pricing page after 30 seconds or share information about pricing.
Rich Messages Rich messages can create stunning dialogs and increase customer interaction.
Built-in Analytics View your potential customers and conversations with the best experience prepared for you and make your decisions.