Intent Detection

Matching user inputs to AI responses with a seemless precision, utilising proprietary machine learning and Natural Language Processing abilities

Rich Messages

Variety of different bot responses enables interactive, colorful and striking dialogs with buttons, galleries, images and videos.

Rest API Integration

Easy to make API integrations with core systems via built-in REST API solution, feed up-to-date information to the conversational agent.

Training & Entity Extraction

Effective and clever training brings high quality responses. Machine learning algorithms populates all possible combinations with custom and system entities. Resulting superior Natural Language Understanding capabilities.

Live Test & Debug

Make sure bot designs, integrations and entity prompts work properly on “test your bot” integrated chat widget before deploying to any desired messaging platforms.

Built-in Analytics

Accumulated insights on how bots are interacting with customers, better understanding for further training needs while tracking volume and quality of conversations. Diligently amplifying intelligence.


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